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About Us

At Qrebl

We are a team of professional sports analyst, experienced of working with the professional sports leagues, namely The National Football League (NFL), The National Basketball Association (NBA), English Premier League (EPL), Team Events from the Olympics and many more. We share a common passion for sports and technology which led us to develop a product and service that is tailored for the cricket universe. The co-founders are professional and elite web developers with an experience of bringing innovations to the industry and are well versed with the current technology being used in sports and wanted to level it up with Qrebl while also iterating on the ideas that should be replicated to justify the craze for Cricket everywhere.

why choose us

We deliver cross-industry expertise solutions in Sports which makes our users strategically positioned for a sustainable career and leveraging their growth in the sports universe making them an absolute winner.

Our Vision

Simplify The Way For Athletes, Coaches, Managers To Plan, Analyze, Evaluate Sports Activities And To Enable A Global Platform for Cricket Athletes get Hired by the Recruiters

Our Mission

With Qrebl, Our Mission is to bridge the gap between Sports and Technology, Making it easily reachable to All the Sports Enthusiasts and Professionals across the Globe.

Core Values

We Are One

Our mission unites us and there’s no room for discrimination and hatred.

We stay grounded

No matter how far we reach, we are always close to our people, taking their advices and improvising each day.

We conquer

We thrive and conquer all our dreams and visions.

We are passionate

Love for technology and passion for innovation makes us hit hard about what we do.

We Focus on Impact

Our mere act of moving to influence based measurements tends to improve outcomes for many.

We Help Each Other Thrive

We help each other to make thoughtful decisions, encourage to try new things, learn from mistakes, and grow each day.

We are Creative

We make innovations to optimize the solutions and grow by fostering ideas and experiments.

We Change the Game

Deliver innovations that matter! Be what’s next.

Drawing on our deep industry knowledge and our multidisciplinary technology expertise, we strategize and build the solutions for sports enthusiasts need to transform into smarter teams, driving sustainable growth.
We help our users transform, develop and adapt according to their unique needs.
Qrebl has developed deep expertise and understanding of in the sports industries we serve for over past few years since the technology has emerged a lot, becoming the most impactful and digitally engineered software to our users.

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