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“It is possible to feel like an International Athlete by having an access to almost similar technology without any additional cost.”

We develop softwares that brings value to the sports and make every moment count, has a wide range of user in the entire sports universe.
Video Analysis

Video Analysis Solutions For Clubs, Teams and Individuals.

Video Platform

Video Streaming Sports Events Videos Over The Internet and Sharing It with People Across The Globe.

Score Calculation

Software that help to Manage Score Boards, Maintain Player Records, Collect & Store Game Statstics.

Predicitve Analysis

Predicitve Analysis is performed based on past data to help teams get an edge over the opponents.

Player Tracking

Track the movement of the athlete across the field

Ball Tracking

Based on the trajectory of the ball heat maps are generates for individual bowler against an individual batsman.

All the mentioned services can be used with just a video uploaded on our web based application and no hardware involved, which directly enables the access to every sports enthusiast with the bare minimum cost.

Still Confused?

Video Analysis

Videos of a match played in a competition or training sessions can be submitted on their accounts to get the ball-to-ball precision analysis in a 16 different data points from the 3 different perspectives which combines to form the performance based statistics of every individual athletes played in the match from the sports pundits. This helps coaches and athletes evaluate their game with more distinct statistics from the match and plan their next move with a sound plan.

Video Platform

Recruiters, Managers, Coaches, Athletes and fans can stream the uploaded matches and can built their own portfolio with the curated videos with the statistics in order to get noticed and get inspired by global audience. Software also lets you export/download the best clips, Highlights or custom trimmed video from the matches to the social media with the intend to promote individual athlete or the entire team.

Score Calculation

The solution to calculate the score while also managing and maintaining the score boards during and after the match and also can compare with the past recorded scores and share the statistics with a smartphone based application.

Predictive Analysis

With the application of machine learning and deep learning, athletes & coaches get to know the predictions for the performances divided into 3 categories for a particular/every play-type, for the entire innings or till the date. Also the bots provide with the valuable suggestions with the tailored drills to help athletes get better for a particular play-type with an intend to be a winner in the next match.

Player Tracking

Our software triggers an athlete and track the movement of the athlete for every ball, generating reports with the impact incurred during the fielding, batting and bowling. The Heat maps generated with the player tracking can help coaches and captains to plan and place the best fielding option for a particular athlete on a particular field position for home and away matches.

Ball Tracking

Our innovative software tracks the trajectory of the ball during the action on the pitch and generates the heat maps for individual bowler against an individual batsman which lets the athletes plan their action with the ball.


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