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Developer’s Meet

With our everyday routines at work, we tend to stay in our comfort zones and focus on the tasks ahead. This causes us to be short-term oriented with narrow perspectives as we lose sight of the big picture and forget to catch up with new trends, technologies and best practices. Conferences are a great way to get out of our comfort zones, open ourselves up to new possibilities and stimulate our minds with new approaches and solutions that will help us with our projects. If you want to broaden your horizons and your skillset, then multi-track conferences give you a great way to expand your knowledge and dive into new technologies, tools, frameworks and languages.Extent your network, transfer the knowledge,feel inspired, recharged and motivated.



General Meeting with the Sports Data and Analytics.

A meeting with the sports enthusiast, demonstrating the use of analytics in sports and how does the sports industry works. How do the SportsData stored with what security and how do we process the data without getting involved in manipulative stats. The technology has evolved so far that the sports enthusiasts needs to cope up with the rest, with Qrebl we make a lot easier to always get better, get inspired and get noticed. The meeting would have the demonstration of data from the biggest cricket league and how do we represent it in our product.



Annual Event

After the development of all the RnD projects as planned for the year 2021, we would love to have our first public event with the launch of all the service based products. Follow us on linkedin to stay updated for the event

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