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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What is Qrebl?
Qrebl is a product and service of Aaraf Agile Softwares, founded in 2021. Made to help players, teams, coaches, sports management, clubs, and others better.

How do statistics change the Life of an athlete, coaches, and users in Qrebl?
Statistics can help an athlete, coach, and users to identify their strengths and weaknesses and can help them get better. For better insights into the topic, please click here to read our blogs.

Planning for any other sports?
Yes, why not. We don’t want to settle with just one sport and be unjust with the others. You will hear it once we launch the software for other sports as well. Stay tuned.

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Who can purchase the software?
If you’re an individual athlete (age 5 or above), a cricket academy, a cricket club, an organizer of a cricket tournament, a sports school/college/university, a corporate wanting to arrange a sports week, a recruiter, or any sports enthusiasts can use the software. There are multiple ways and zero barriers to not purchase the software.

How much does the technology cost?
To know about the pricing plans, write to us at or fill the form to get a quote.

How long can I use the technology in a single purchase?
Once you purchase a plan, we would serve for a year and if you love the service and renew the plan, we would retain the data for the next term Or if you fail to renew, the data will be retained for 6 months as per the GOI’s guideline.

Can I get a demo?
Yes, why not. In Fact, you can schedule a demo at your ease. We don’t charge for the demonstration, it’s completely free.

Can I Pay in installment?
Yes, why not. We have flexible payment structures for everyone, as we believe the ease of payment is in the installments at regular intervals. To know more, write to us at

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On which devices can I log in to Qrebl?
Qrebl is a Web-based application, so there’s no limitation to devices as one can access with the browser and it is platform-independent. However, the smartphone applications will be available soon for Android and IOS devices and would require no extra subscription to access your account from these devices.

Can I share my videos directly to social media platforms?
Yes, why not. We’ve our own video sharing and streaming platform for every user in Qrebl with their privileges in order to get noticed and inspire others. Also, there is an option for you to download the video and share it on your individual handle.

Can I discontinue the service after purchase? 
Yes, why not. We do not tie up the customers to continue with the service if they want to discontinue. We charge a cancellation fee and refund the rest of the amount to discontinue the service. To know more, mail us at

How Can I watch my recorded video which has not been analyzed or analyzed?
Club Managers, Coaches, Athletes, and other users inside the subscription and watch their videos right after uploading, but the fans and third-party users will only be able to watch the videos once the match is analyzed and approved to publish by the Manager or the Coach.

How long does the subscription stay active once purchased?
The subscriptions are different for different users. To know more contact

Example = For a cricket academy, the most common is the annual package (1 year) with 80 hours of analysis with HD video streaming. Also, they may add extra hours of videos for analysis with the Add-Ons to their existing plans.

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