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Athletes and Teams obtaining technology into sports If we look a few decades back it was very difficult to track and maintain data of the athletes and teams. But not until technology was transformed into sports. Technology has enhanced the level of sports from performance to enhancing communication. Technology has not only helped athletes but also to the officials and even to the spectators.  The use of

Birth of a new Religion : Considering the amount of craziness regarding cricket in India, one can easily boil down to a conclusion it being the national game of India, but that’s not the case. This game has gathered such fandom due to the ICC tournament wins, starting from 1983. People are highly passionate about the game and are glued to their TV sets for hours

There is absolutely no doubt that over the years, technology has become an integral part of the game. In cricket’s rich history of more than 140 years, technology has grown with every passing year and decade. In 1922, the first-ever radio broadcast of a cricket match took place in Australia covering a domestic game which took place at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG). The first time

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